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About us






We NOW offer NEW Business Opportunities under the NEW Management of:




We have 2 Types of Business Opportunities, apart from becoming an Investor or Shareholder in the NEW

Bike Zone Retail Brand


1) Existing Bike Stores can NOW Join us -

Form part of our Indipendent Collective Buying Group under the NEW Management of GROUP TRADE AFRICA


2) Apply and OPEN your very own NEW Bike Zone Retail Store

"Empowering individual owner-run bike & accessory retail stores with the Bike Zone Retail competitive advantage."

The Bike Zone Retail concept was inspired by the realisation that it"s exceptionally difficult for independent and owner-run bike / accessory stores to compete against the major Groups and Franchises.

Since SMB"s work in isolation they cannot match the prices, achieve the same levels of market penetration or acquire the skill-sets of these large chains and franchises currently competing in the Southern African motorcycle / accessory industry. (SMB - Small to Medium Business)


A Little bit of History and About the NEW Bike Zone Retail Brand:

Based originally on a voluntary trading model, Bike Zone Group SA business opportunities were launched @ end July 2011.

The aim was to network independent, owner run bike / accessory stores across South Africa, giving them access to the backing, buying and bargaining power of a consolidated group, while at the same time safeguarding their individuality and independence. The model proved to be very successful and managed to open in excess of 18 stores.

The Group Franchised their concept during August 2013. The Stores were NOT ready for this and Bike Zone lost 16 or so of their stores overnight. As any business, we made mistakes along the way.

An Organisation GROUP TRADE AFRICA owned and managed under MARKET LINK TRADING (PTY) LTD approached Bike Zone Group SA and offerred to re-brand and to re-launch the "Previous / Older" Voluntary Trading Methods, which proved to be working as Bike Zone Retail.

The nett result will be that in conjunction with this young and dynamic organisation, individual stores are finally able to compete against groups and other franchises for market share without sacrificing profit.

Bike Zone Retail has ambitious plans to expand to an outlet in every major City. 


GROUP TRADE AFRICA has other Retail Brands under their Wing and will be Launching these in due course:

Should you wish to find out more, please send an email: 


Please keep on checking this NEW and Improved website for our NEW  "TOOL-BOX". Now available !


Here you would find our Total Offering, NDA and Prospectus and much more. CLICK HERE to register for:


1) New Prospect - An Individual or Existing Motorcycle Dealership wanting more information of how to Join us,


2) If you are an Existing Bike Zone Store, and Need to Register,


3) An Already Listed Supplier,


4) New Supplier - Want to Become a Preferred Supplier to the Group ?,


5) On-Line Partner - This is necessary for Individuals or Companies wanting to Buy and Sell using our Website as a Business Tool.


Any other Inquiries, please send us an email: 


An existing Motorcycle Store can choose either to:

  1. Convert to a Fully branded Bike Zone Retail Store or
  2. Become a Partner of GROUP TRADE AFRICA 

If the latter is chosen, Bike Zone Retail signage has to be present to allow Special Pricing and Services


We NOW have Super NEW Business Modules to fit your Existing business into, or we can mould any of these modules to suit your needs.



  1. Bike Zone Express (Accessory Store),
  2. Bike Zone Lifestyle Store,
  3. Bike Zone Mega Store.
  4. Bike Zone Brand Partner - (For Existing Bike Stores only)