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We are a Group of individually owned Motorcycle and Accessory Trading Stores under the NEW MANAGEMENT and OWNERSHIP of GROUP TRADE AFRICA




This website and online store is run by the webmaster @ GROUP TRADE AFRICA Head Office. (


Bike Zone Retail was incorporated to assist independent Motorcycle and Accessory stores in playing an active part in their own Survival.


Our Voluntary Trading Collective Buying Organization allows store owners to retain independence and identity, whilst benefiting from Collective Buying Power, Marketing, Advertising Exposure, access to Bike Zone Retail Home Branded product and Value Added Products and Services.  


Bike Zone Retail has also made available professional, cost effective branded clothing, m2m, signage & point-of-sale merchandise and much more... 


We will endevour to give independent store owners or NEW business owners the Bike Zone Retail business advantage, with access to preferential bulk-buying prices, extensive advertising and a range of business services designed to enhance their effectiveness and profitability. 


We believe that a store"s independence is one of their greatest assets. When Joining the Bike Zone Retail Brand, you maintain autonomy while benefiting from powerful support-network that: 


1) Secures Better buy in prices,


2) Allows to compete Effectively on price with Any competitor,


3) Provides with on-going, Effective Advertising,


4) Imports and Distributing branded product directly to the franchisee,


5) Offer More efficient, More affordable Staffing Solutions,


6) Qualifies them to preferential Group Rates on a Range of Business services being negotiated.


7) Immediately Beneifts from our Credit and Debit Card Group Rates,


8) Access to Exclusive Home Branded Products,


9) Access to affiliated companies that Specialise in: Motorcycle Insurance, Finance, Tracking, Extended warranties, road-side-assist and other value-added products. With these Value Adds, the Franchisee has the Opportunity to cover some of his/her overheads,


10) Make use of "State of the Art" Point of Sale Technology,


11) Provide Ongoing Professional Franchise Support Training, such as: Basic Accounting, Merchandising, Support, Sales, Marketing, Customer Liason, People Skills, CPA, Credit Act etc..


12) GROUP TRADE AFRICA"s Head Office, established its own Marketing devision, to negotiate supplier agreements and so offer National and  Provinsial specials. (All Products are Purchased using the GTA buying system.)

We believe what sells in Nelspruit does"nt necesarily sell in Centurion or Western Cape or other regions.

While we Promote National and Provincial Specials, each Store has the independence to do its OWN Marketing as well using Templates, Brand Manuals and the Group"s Corporate Image and Value Charter to make their presence known.

Each Store has access to a sub-domain to promote their own top 10 product. To sell off slow-moving-ranges and so to make themselves known in its community.Here you may also advertise New / Second-Hand Motorcycles, Accessories and Value Added Products and Sevices. (T"s and C"s Apply) (E & OE) 


13) Store owners get to represent their own store on a Management Forum, to make decisions re: Add Spend, Special Offers, Marketing Ideas, Implementing Strategy etc,


14) The list of Opportunities and Growth Possibilities are endless, we believe in letting you "Live Your Dream".


South Africa has over 365 000 registered motorcycles, and Bike Zone Retail under the NEW Management of GROUP TRADE AFRICA intends helping its most eager and new biking enthusiasts to be safe and to enjoy the ride.

(This number excludes quads, pit bikes, off road motorcycles not needing registration by the authorities)


Please call us today to locate your closest Bike Zone Retail Branch or  Apply to Join GROUP TRADE AFRICA

For Applications to OPEN your NEW Bike Zone Retail Store or for existing stores to join our Brand Partner Program TODAY.


Please call or email:


               Product and Part Inquiries:




               Business Opportunities:




GROUP TRADE AFRICA imports and distributes the most interesting motorcycle and motor vehicle accessories, gadgets and other novelties, so that YOU our friends and most valued customers can enjoy their riding experience.   


There are so many guys and girls out there that has a passion for interesting, sophisticated and cool merchandise.  

We have it, and if we don"t right now we will get it.

Please feel free to let us know what you need. Please email: 


We appreciate your feedback and Inquiries.


We have a huge range, carefully selected by our marketing department, most of them being bike enthusiasts themselves.

Our Preferred suppliers are leaders in their own right and therefore the merchandise have been tested for quality, durability and performance.


Bike Zone Retail is very proud to be associated with our local and international partners .


Please Remember to go LIKE our FaceBook Page: CLICK HERE




GROUP TRADE AFRICA also Manages other popular Retail Brands (Including, but NOT Limited to)


  • JAG - Joint Automotive Group



Should you wish to find out how to join these Brands and to find out more about Business Opportunities, 


We can also combine these Brands with your Dream Bike Zone Retail Store. Please find out how !


Should you wish to join GTA as a Retail Brand, Manufacturer, Service center or whatever Business Type or Sector, you can form part of their Collective Buying Solution, mail us Today.

There are so many options to form part of a young and dynamic team.


GROUP TRADE AFRICA also provide services in Central and East Africa, with satelite offices in:


* Nairobi - Kenya

* Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

* Lusaka - Zambia and soon DRC

We take your Brand to Africa, with various options to choose from.


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              Click on LOGO for Facebook page...